Yoga Journals

One of my favorite moments in a great yoga class is when the instructor reads a quote that really touches an area of my life, who I am or what I would like to work on as a person. I honor these words and they help to keep me grounded. There is so much wisdom in the world, so much that has come before you or I. Some of these words have shaped who I am. Some have even become my mantra

By posting a quote that reflects the aspects of the lifestyle of yoga and some just for the sake of the quote itself, I hope I can provide a weekly reminder to come back to who you are and what is important.

One of the teachers very dear to me is always talking about hugging to the mid-line, looking to the center and finding expansion from there. It is this groundedness that allows for the freedom to grow.

“root down so that you can grow up”

Yogi Quotes of the week.

Daily Om


Wayne Dyer

Enjoying Today

Finding Your Own Burriers

The Greatest Enemy to the Human Soul

Don’t Be Too Moral

A Quote For Valentines Day

Live the Story


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